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Shoot locations is a directory for Film, TV and Photography locations, featuring venues which are used by international production companies. Once the shoot location has been booked, one of the next essential elements of the production process is your business.

By listing on Shoot locations we will make sure that your company is seen, by specifically targeting companies looking for shoot locations and surrounding services with email and telephone marketing. We make your business our priority.

Your webpage will appear alongside nearby venues to you, so that when the customer chooses to view a particular location, they will also see your business. Once the company contacts you, you are free to negotiate directly but please note any special offers that Shoot locations customers can avail of during registration.

Based on a 12 months package, you will get a tailored, professionally designed webpage with:

  • Detailed information specifically required by film, TV and photography companies
  • Image Gallery
  • Direct Enquiries
  • Email Marketing

If you would like to register your business with us today, please fill in the below form and click on submit. This will bring you to a link for one simple payment. Once the transaction has been completed, your webpage will go live within 48 hours. Or if you would like more information please don't hesitate to Contact Us