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Why you should register to see Venues?

Shootlocations provides details and image galleries of Film, TV and Photography locations worldwide. After a simple and free registration, you can search for a location that suits your specific shooting needs.

We have compiled an impressive list of properties including castles, period houses, modern mansions, cottages, rural and urban spaces and much more. If you'd like more information about any location please get in touch via email or give us a call.

Initially we deal directly with the location regarding provisional availability, rates etc. If you decide to go ahead with a shoot you are then free to liaise directly with the location regarding your production needs. This costs you nothing as we charge a commission to the location if used for a shoot. We will however organise the contract between company and location and will need to see that production insurances are in place.

Once the location has been chosen, Shootlocations also provides accommodation, restaurant and facility listings in the locale of the properties - with special offers especially for our users - making your shoot easier to plan and produce. You can contact hotels, restaurants and facilities directly to make bookings, quoting Shoot Locations to avail of special offers.

Or we can do it for you. We offer bespoke location and production support in Ireland. We can organise interviews, permits, transport, hotels, crew, equipment and more on your behalf. Get in touch to talk about your production needs.