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Why you should register youe Venue?

By listing on Shoot locations we will make sure that your location is seen by the industry people who decide where to shoot. And the best part is that you get this for free. We do not charge a fee for venues to list on Shoot locations.

On your free tailored, professionally designed web page you will get:
- Detailed information about your venue specifically required by Film, TV and photograph companies
- An image gallery showing high resolution images of your venue
- Inclusion in our social media feeds

Alongside your web page we will run details of nearby accommodation, restaurants and facilities which will serve to make your venue an even more attractive place for companies to work in.

When a company gets in touch we will contact you regarding availability, shoot details and fees. Location fees vary according to the production. Some only take a few hours, others last for a number of days or even weeks. The company will have a budget but your decision about the rate will be your own as you will take into consideration the level of disruption and the type of production. Companies may pay your location a visit to recce before confirming the shoot. Once the terms and conditions are agreed and signed you liaise directly with the production company regarding the shoot.

Registering with Shoot Locations is free, but we charge a 15% commission on the fee payable to you from companies for shoots - it is therefore in our interests to get you the best price. For example a company pays you 500 per day, we take 75. Of course this is just for shoots booked through Shootlocations - we don't require exclusivity from your location.
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